Empowering refugees with opportunities to
rebuild sustainable lives in the
United States.


Helping refugees across all ethnicities and
faiths become independent with continuum
care and services.

PRERNA is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization focused on the humanitarian effort of empowering refugee families from conflict-ridden countries. Our mission is to help refugees across all ethnicities and faiths become independent, constructive citizens. We are the only refugee service provider in the United States that offers a continuum of services from “soup to nuts” including housing assistance, supplies, health care referrals, education support, employment counseling, financial and legal aid. In addition, we offer cultural assimilation programs for up to five years as needed by the families. PRERNA equips refugees with tools and resources so they can start developing self-sustainable lives and rebuild their identities in the U.S. We are currently located in Santa Clara County and serve refugees in this highly diverse area as well as in other regions nearby.

Meena Sankaran, who is herself an immigrant from India and the founder of PRERNA, is committed to giving back to her community. This is a highly personal mission for Meena, who is passionate and dedicated to assisting refugees. Through her firsthand experience relocating to the U.S. as a student, she has a comprehensive understanding of the difficulties involved in moving to a new country along with the importance of assimilating into the U.S. She has developed a successful program for refugee empowerment and sustainability that has been tried and tested for over a decade through her close work with refugee families.

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