When refugees come to PRERNA for support, they often have very few resources, if any. Most have waited months or even years to be admitted into the U.S. Some have suffered great losses during their journey. Upon their arrival into the Bay Area, our volunteers ensure that our refugee clients are equipped with basic supplies in addition to a safe and secure place to live. When they transition from temporary to permanent housing, we arrange for furniture, food, cookware, clothing and other personal household items. Thanks to our partnership with moving companies and our dedicated supplies team, we are able to help the families begin acclimating to their new environment.

PRERNA is grateful for our food bank partners who donate groceries during the initial three months after a family’s arrival. We are also thankful for the bicycle shops, bookstores, supermarkets and other local businesses that offer free and discounted supplies to help our refugee clients.

Through donations from the community, we are able to provide new and used computers to the families and help them install network, cable and Internet services as well as cell phones. The ability to communicate swiftly is essential for them to reach out and connect to outside resources.

Transportation is also a must, whether the purpose is going to school or seeking employment. PRERNA finds new and recycled bicycles and provides bus/train passes to the families, empowering them to become independent and active in their community.  PRERNA volunteers help families understand all these new ways of living and teach them how they can move around and commute safely.


- Furniture

- Clothing (all sizes)

- Health and Hygiene Supplies

- Books and School Supplies

- Food

- Gift Cards for Food and Clothing

- Desktop and Laptop Computers                    

- Network and Electronic Equipment            

- Cell Phones                                                    

- Bicycles and Helmets                               

- Bus/Light Rail/VTA Passes                        

- Dishes and Cookware                               


To help recently arrived refugee families, please consider donating new or used items in good condition. We are actively building partnerships with corporations, community organizations, local businesses, retail outlets and other shops to expand our supply pipeline. Contact PRERNA to make an in-kind donation or to find out more about our current needs.

If you prefer to make a cash donation to PRERNA, we will use your contributions to provide essential goods and services. You can be assured that your donations are going directly to helping refugees and their children build a better future here in their new home in the U.S.