Prerna2Inspire is a non-profit organization focusing on empowerment of refugees to lead sustainable lives.

We live every passing moment through life's changes and surprises by making various choices.
 The only certainty we have is our identity and the birthright of the land we were born in.
- Meena Sankaran


"Prerna" derived from Sanskrit means inspiration and applies to our mission: "Live to Inspire"

Our Founder, Meena Sankaran is passionate about social and environmental causes. Her deep appreciation for the simple things in life influences the changes we seek.

A technologist by career, she has a passion for social entrepreneurship, a deep desire to contribute to the well-being of the community and a deep seeded need to inspire the underprivileged to succeed. 

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We started our journey in AZ and with our proven success in AZ and relocating people to NY, MN, we are kickstarting our efforts in more local communities. We are looking to expand into more cities and states around the US. By joining our cause and volunteering your time we can grow and help more and more refugees in need of assistance.

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